Level 3 – Sight Word Matching Game

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Level 3 – Sight Word Matching Game

The Online Level 3 Sight Word Matching Game is a fun way to review and reinforce sight words. This game allows the tutor to customize selected sight words to be used in the game.

The game size of small, medium or large can also be selected depending on the amount of time available to play the game. Colorful balloons and audible cheers happen each time a player finds a match.

Watch overview video below.

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5 reviews for Level 3 – Sight Word Matching Game

  1. Connie Von Korff

    Originally submitted on July 22, 2020 at old website.
    My students were excited this morning to have another online game from Spelling Success. This game of concentration (or memory as some call it) is not a run of the mill sight word game. Added features that include the tutor’s ability to choose from different sets of words as well as cute reinforcement of balloons and cheering noise when the student gets a match, make this game appealing for tutors and students alike.

    On the days I have a new game from Spelling Success, my students will do anything to get to play, including working faster and getting more done so we have time to play.

    Once again, thank you Spelling Success, for helping to make online tutoring so much fun!

    Connie Von Korff
    One-on-One Tutoring

  2. Shannon Ball

    Originally submitted on July 23, 2020 at old website.
    Just played this game and loved it! I can’t wait to play it with the rest of my students! It is a wonderful way to practice sight words. I really like how I can vary the game with each student. I can use fewer words with younger students and add more words for my older students. I can already tell this game is going to be a favorite!

  3. Toni V.

    Originally submitted on October 15, 2020 at old website.
    I want to thank you for creating the online games for practicing the Barton Reading & Spelling Program. I bought all three online games for level 3 and my students love them. In addition, your video directions are explicitly designed. Thank you!

    Toni V., Ed.D. Learning Specialist in California

  4. Monica Hough (verified owner)

    A great way to help review how to read and spell sight words. I often use it as a warm up before spelling.

  5. interventionist10 (verified owner)

    My students and I all love this game! Great way to be exposed to sight words, and I like that it says whose turn it is.

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