Level 3 – Contraction Bingo Game

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Level 3 – Contraction Bingo Game

The Contraction Bingo Game is a fun way to review and reinforce the contractions and two original words taught in Level 3, Lesson 10 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. It has 41 picture playing cards for players to read either a contraction or the two original words. Included on each playing card is a controlled context sentence.

A demo video and printed directions for this game will be provided on the game screen.

Watch overview video below.

This game is available under a subscription plan.


7 reviews for Level 3 – Contraction Bingo Game

  1. Sarah Hutcheson

    Originally submitted on October 21, 2020 at old website.
    I’m so thankful for this game! Several of my recent students have struggled with contractions. I used this today and my student loved it!

    Sarah H. in Clayton, GA

  2. Jan (verified owner)

    Such a great way to reinforce contractions for those students who struggle with them.

  3. Laurel Sanders (verified owner)

    This is a fun way to review contractions! Fast set-up. Easy to play. The student reads the word and sentences. The tutor can play to the student’s weakness (defining the original words that form the basis of the contraction OR giving the original words and having the student identify the contraction formed by combining words AND selecting specific contractions).

  4. Debora Dueck (verified owner)

    This is a fun way to review contractions and the 2 words they come from besides reading fluency when they read the sentence. They get very excited if they win a game and see the balloons rise! A festive touch!

  5. Lynn Street (verified owner)

    great game

  6. Monica Hough (verified owner)

    Such a fun way to practice contractions. My student and I take turns reading the card and will race to see who can find it on their card first!

  7. Cynthia Dapello (verified owner)

    I have a student that is having a very difficult time with putting the two words together. I appreciate playing this game over and over and over because he needs the practice. He just doesn’t know that we are practicing because he is enjoying playing the game!!!

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