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“Barton tutors will enjoy using these beautiful full-color card decks to play quick games with students -- either as a reward for hard work, or to reinforce and practice a hard concept.

Every Barton tutor who has purchased them raves about them -- and the fact that they can play three different games with each card deck, and that the decks are so affordable.”

- Susan Barton, Developer, Barton Reading & Spelling System

"Spelling Success games made by Janna Brenhaug are affordably-priced and high-quality card decks. When the delivery arrived and I opened the package, I saw the beautifully-packaged cards and thought, "Well, well! I just made a very smart purchase!" They ARE indeed genuine playing card quality, as well as attractive and inviting.

Thanks for providing a needed supplement to my curriculum. They're going to come in very handy! Products like this deserve to be endorsed, and I wanted to do just that."

- Karen Isaacson, Certified Barton Tutor in California


I LOVE these games. It is money well spent. They are high quality and they pinpoint particular concepts and rules.

- Cynthia Dapello, Masters Level Certified Barton Tutor in California


"These are fantastic! I love items that are small enough for me to transport to my sessions. The price is FANTASTIC!"

- Lisa Jemmings, Rescue Reading in Kennesaw, GA


I use the Spelling Success games all the time! It's nice to have games which reinforce the rules and have their own unique way of playing.  

- Dite Bray, Director of Ladder Learning Services 


Spelling Success games are beautiful and professionally made.  I have used them with my students and find it is so fun for them to be learning and playing simultaneously! Some of our students just can't handle too long of a session with the heavy learning. Playing these games lightens their end and yet they are using and reinforcing what they have learned! I highly recommend these products.

 -Lou, Tutor in Modesto, CA


"I play the games with each of my kids at the end of their sessions and they love them. I was so pleased when I received the decks of cards. They are very nicely done and come in a plastic storage box that will help keep them for a long time. I was also blessed by the price. Many of the games that are premade are out of our reach financially but I was able to get two decks of cards shipped for $30. I would highly recommend these game cards by Spelling Success."

- Sandy, Tutor in South Dakota


Loving all the games!  They are a regular part of our Barton experience. Perfect to nail down or review Spelling Rules. Even my teen teen students like using the games and will request them.

- Ruth, Tutor in Florida

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Spelling Success Games

  • provide practice and review of skills taught in the Barton Reading & Spelling System®.
  • feature bright, colorful, and engaging pictures.
  • can be played one-on-one or with a group of students.
  • can be played as Go Fish, Matching or Find It games.

P6300417-2.jpgLearning happens while students are having fun!

Students of all ages enjoy playing these quick and fun Orton-Gillingham games.

The Spelling Success games help students practice the skills being taught in the Barton Reading & Spelling System®.

Tutors, parents, teachers, and students can use the Orton-Gillingham materials.


Sound-Game.jpgFor the Barton Reading & Spelling System®

The Spelling Success game cards list the level and lesson numbers from the Barton Reading and Spelling System®. This allows the tutor to use the game cards even if all the lessons in that level have not been taught.


Unit-Game.jpgColorful Pictures

The Spelling Success Game cards have bright, colorful, engaging pictures that help dyslexic students remember the keywords.

Color Coded

The tile colors from the Barton Reading & Spelling System® correspond with the Spelling Success games.

Key Words

All of the Spelling Success game cards use the keywords from the Barton Reading and Spelling System®.  (All keywords in the games match the Barton Reading & Spelling System® and are used with prior written permission from Susan Barton.)



These custom-designed Orton-Gillingham educational games are very affordable for tutors, parents, and/or schools.


The Spelling Success game cards are durable cards that can be shuffled and used over and over.