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$59.00 / year

The subscription includes these three games from different levels: 

  • Level 2 Short Vowel Game
  • Level 3 Name that Blend Game
  • Level 4 Five in a Row Game

After purchasing, there is immediate access to these three games by clicking on the “Online Games” tab.

To access more online games within a level, please purchase the Access Key(s) for a one-time charge of $25.

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8 reviews for Online Game Subscription *Click here for more information*

  1. Amy McCaulley (verified owner)

    The addition to the online Spelling Success games has been great! All of the Spelling Success games reinforce skills from the Barton lessons and students LOVE them! The TION/SION game and Hopping Along are two of our favorites. I highly recommend Spelling Success online or card games, our center has every game Levels 1-10 and they are a hit all the way through!

  2. Laurel Sanders (verified owner)

    Spelling Success games offer great value for online and on-site students for all levels of Barton students. The games give my brain a break from building my own games and offer a fun brain break for my students while reinforcing concepts and spelling rules learned. I am excited that Janna is committed to creating more games. Within a game, there are options which broaden or narrow the scope of review. My go-to games at the moment are Level 4, “Five in a Row” and “Vowel Team Bingo.” When we play “Five in a Row,” I generally select the option to have the words divided into syllables. When we play the game, expectations include identifying the syllable division type (“What is the syllable split? 1-1 to the end, 1-1 the other way, 1-2, 1-2 but can’t split a digraph, etc.), kinds of syllables (closed, open, unit), and spelling rules.

  3. 1588307040 (verified owner)

    I have been working remotely since covid started and love all your games. They enrich my tutoring sessions; they work as great reminders/reinforcement for the rules and a reward for hard work and/or an alternative for a challenging day. I have found the sight word games have really helped my students with recalling sight words. Thanks for creating such wonderful games. All of my students love them, even the teenagers.

  4. Sandra Rafal (verified owner)

    Every game on this website is helpful! I love using Spelling Success games with my Barton students as well as my Wilson students. They provide a fun way to get in numerous repetitions of needed skills without that “drill and kill” stress. My students ask for these games often. My online subscription is a good value for the price.

  5. 1571604080 (verified owner)

    I love all of the Spelling Success games. They are so motivating for my students. My favorite is the *NEW!* I-O-N Fun! Spelling Rules. My students advance through this lesson so much faster when they play this game. Normally, this is a painful lesson for me to teach and this game makes it exciting for all of us. Thank you, Spelling Success, for making the learning process FUN!

  6. Beth Dykema (verified owner)

    I love Spelling Success games for all my tutoring students. We play them daily. I love the variety of learning games and the animations are great for online use. My students love picking what character they would like to be and the games are easy to learn. I am impressed by the constant upgrading of the programs and tweaking of those things that need to be done better. Please continue to make games to make learning fun, and I will continue to purchase them as well.

  7. Annette Bannister (verified owner)

    The Spelling Success online games are an integral part of the tutoring experience for my students. They help students practice targeted skills in fun ways, and my students really enjoy learning through them. I notice a direct improvement in their retention of spelling rules and their understanding of how to apply them.

    Thank you for your products! They are very helpful to my students, and I am grateful for them being online now!!

  8. sahaugen59 (verified owner)

    My students love these games. Win win

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