Level 6 – Spelling Rules Game – Lessons 3-4

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Level 6 – Spelling Rules Board Game – Lessons 3-4

This online board game is a fun and engaging way to review and reinforce the six spelling rules (Rise, Rice, Huge, Strategy, Have Five, Expensive) taught in Level 6, Lessons 3 & 4.

This game has 56 playing cards for players to read as they select which spelling rule the word falls under. If they are correct, the die is spun and playing pieces are advanced around the board. Each playing card also includes a controlled context sentence for extra reading practice.

The demo video and printed directions for this game will be provided on the game screen. This game can be played with two or three players.

Watch overview video below.

This game is available under a subscription plan.


4 reviews for Level 6 – Spelling Rules Game – Lessons 3-4

  1. Shannon Ball

    Originally submitted on June 15, 2020 at old website.
    I love playing this game with my students! It is such a fun way to review spelling rules. I get so excited every time a new online game from Spelling Success comes out! I have every online game! Thank you for such wonderful and easy to use products.

  2. Jessica Barnes (verified owner)

    My students enjoy a different way to practice the rules and I like that everything is easy to access. I always liked having the physical card games for my in person students but this is a nice change of pace for my online students.

  3. 1428016822 (verified owner)

    I love playing this game with my students because it has them reading words that use the rules. And then the student has to switch gears to figure out which spelling rule the word is using. It’s a great brain game!! We make our own rules: you can choose, at each turn, if you would rather role the dice OR move to the name of the rule it uses. These games are fun ways to solidify the learning!

  4. Connie Von Korff (verified owner)

    The Spelling Success games are the best way to practice the rules, and all of my students love them! I can’t imagine how you could teach the Barton Reading and Spelling Program without these wonderful games!

    Connie Von Korff, One-on-One Tutoring September 6, 2023

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