Level 5, Lesson 7 I-O-N Fun! Spelling Rules Game

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This game helps teach and reinforce the units TION and SION found in Level 5, Lesson 7 of the Barton System®.

There are forty-two different words used in the game. Players read the word and then decide which one of the six spelling rules it follows. If correct, the player spins the die and moves. The object of the game is to be the first player to advance the race car(s) from the start box to the finish box.

This game can be played with 2 – 4 players having one race car or two.

Watch overview video below.

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9 reviews for Level 5, Lesson 7 I-O-N Fun! Spelling Rules Game

  1. 1428016822 (verified owner)

    This is such a fun game to play! Not only is it a great learning game, the students love playing it as it gives roaring car sounds too! TION and SION are such a confusing concept and this game really helps to define it for the students. While I have always enjoyed the board game version of this game, I’m so happy it is an online game, now, too. High marks!!

  2. Debora Dueck (verified owner)

    This game is great as it reinforces the “tion” and “sion” rules with a fun format.

  3. Jessica Barnes (verified owner)

    This is a great way to keep the complicated rules fresh by using the game as a review tool after we have moved on – whether that is later lessons or a whole new level. It forces my students to really look at the “why” of the rule.

  4. Teresa Dirkson (verified owner)

    The new Spelling Success game, tion and sion is a wonderful, educational and fun game to play with my students.
    It reinforces the lesson and challenges my students to read each unit ending correctly. I love this game. These units can be difficult to spell. After playing this game with my students, I have witnessed progress in their reading, spelling and pronunciation. Thank you so much for creating this game!

  5. llstutorkaryn (verified owner)

    My students really love this game. According to one “It deserves an A+!” Thanks

  6. Dianne Eberts (verified owner)

    So happy to see a game that practices tion and sion. My students enjoyed the game and the car theme 🙂 Thank you for creating such a great learning tool!

  7. Judith Stone-Collins (verified owner)

    Favorite game so far, as it tackles tion & sion in a fun, engaging, light-hearted game. While my students are in the tion/sion lessons, and anytime they struggle, we go back to this game. (I also have the board game, and I’m really glad for the online option.)

  8. Laurel Sanders (verified owner)

    This is a great game to practice “tion” and “sion.” ALL my students who have played comment that it is “fun.” What a great learning/teaching opportunity – fun and games!

  9. Connie Von Korff (verified owner)

    My latest student to arrive at this level gives this game a thumbs up. He says this is the best game he’s played so far, and we’ve played all of the Spelling Success games! When it’s my turn I pretend to take a lot of time finding the correct answer which gives him a chance to find the answer for me.
    Thanks, Janna! I couldn’t teach without all of your games. They are just part of the Barton curriculum!

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