Level 7 – Five in a Row

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Playing this game with students helps them practice reading over 300+ different Vowel-R words in Level 7. The game can be customized to use only the lessons that have been taught. Players strategically find a word to read and then click on the box to cover five boxes in a row to win!

This game is played with two players.

Watch overview video below.

This game is available under a subscription plan.


2 reviews for Level 7 – Five in a Row

  1. Ken Mengel (verified owner)

    I like the game. Would be nice if each lesson would be broken up into individual lessons. For example, Lessons 5-7. Wish there was an option to select these lessons individually. Would like to play this game with a student currently in lesson 5 but can’t select this option because he hasn’t been taught words from lessons 6 and 7 that would appear in the game.

  2. Connie Von Korff (verified owner)

    I had a student who finished level 10 today. I told him he could choose any game in levels 1-10 to play. He chose this game. I know why. Both he and I are surprised suddenly when one of us, unknowingly wins. It’s challenging because you are trying to win, and at the same time you are trying to make sure your opponent DOESN’T win.
    It’s a terrific game to review vowel r words!
    Thanks, again, Janna.

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