Bossy W Spelling Rules Game (Level 7, Lesson 6)

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This is a fun game to play for reviewing and reinforcing the Bossy W Spelling Rules taught in Level 7, Lesson 6.

This game can be played with 2-3 players.

Watch overview video below.

This game is available under a subscription plan.


2 reviews for Bossy W Spelling Rules Game (Level 7, Lesson 6)

  1. Level Up Tutoring (verified owner)

    My students who have worked through the lower levels with me are excited to see this game! Like all the other rule games, it is a fabulous help in nailing down the spelling changes because of that Bossy W. I like that these each have a different look! But the flexibility with the game play helps keep repeated play interesting. We add powers to the different colored game pieces, make some rules the “special rule” so we get extra spaces and dice rolls, send people forward and back for different reasons. All the while, the student is reviewing by reading the words and reciting the rules.

  2. Cynthia Dapello (verified owner)

    Whoo Hoo! I have been waiting for the Bossy W game to be converted to online. I always play this game with my in person students right after the new teaching and after the Read These Words page. It helps them to feel comfortable with the key words and to not revert to guessing! I noticed that my online students were not as comfortable with the Bossy W, and I must assume it was because they didn’t get as much exposure and practice. So…this new game is going to be a game changer (pun intended) for my online students!

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