Level 4 – Five in a Row Game

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Playing this game with students helps them practice reading over 300+ different words in Level 4. The game can be customized to use only the lessons that have been taught. Players strategically find a word to read and then click on the box to cover five boxes in a row to win!

This game is played with two players.

Watch overview video below.

This game is available under a subscription plan.


4 reviews for Level 4 – Five in a Row Game

  1. Amie J.

    I just wanted to say that this is the best game EVER!!!! This is the perfect game to review words and syllable division, and the fact that we can choose to use syllable division or not is a bonus. I have been using this with one of my struggling readers to develop fluency and the fact that the words change location is just great too. It’s a great warm up to any lesson.

    Amie J.
    Advanced Certified Barton Tutor in California

  2. Pamela Ellard (verified owner)

    My students and I love this game!! It truly makes syllable division practice and fluency fun.

  3. Rebekah Vincent (verified owner)

    I’ve always played lots of games with my students. This is their favorite game, and they constantly request it. I love that I can customize the lessons the words are pulled from. It’s been a great review for my students in Levels 5 and 6 as well.

  4. Sandra Rafal (verified owner)

    My students and I love this game! It makes fluency practice fun instead of dry and boring. I really like the fact that you can adjust the types of words that the student has to decode, and I like the flexibility of turning the syllable division off or on depending on the level of support a student needs. I would like to see this game adapted to the lessons in Level 3 also.

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