Game Tips to Help You!

1. Set a timer.
If you only want to play a game for a few minutes, set a timer. When the timer beeps, whoever has the most pairs wins.

2. Use a game as a reward.
Tell your students that once they reach a reasonable point in the lesson, they may play a game. Or, once the students finish a lesson, they may play a game.

3. Send a game home with your students for extra practice.
Many of the games can be played alone by the students. Offer the students a reward when they have practiced the game at home.

4. Get the parents involved.
Send a game home so that parents can play the game with their child. Game demo videos are available on our website for parents to view. Offer a reward if they've played the game with their parents.

5. Use a game as a tutoring break.
Some students need a break halfway through the tutoring session. Allow students to have a brain break by playing a game.

6. After teaching a new concept, play the game that corresponds to that concept.
For example, after teaching the units in Level 3 bring out the Unit Game to play. After teaching the Spelling Rules in Level 4, bring out the Spelling Rules Game to play.

7. Use the games as flashcards.
Several of the games can be used as flashcards to review a concept. With a Level 2 student who is struggling with some sounds, pull out those cards from the Sound Game. Review the sounds with these cards before starting a tutoring session.