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Unit Game (Level 3 or higher)


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This game is played as a Go Fish, Matching, or Find It game.

There are a total of 46 unit cards (23 matching pairs).

Uses all 15 units from Level 3 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System®.

Comes in a clear plastic case that is great for when you travel to schools for tutoring sessions.

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Tammie Shelton on

We have the level 3 game and my daughter loves it! She was having a hard time with the units but really loves practicing them with the level 3 game cards from Spelling Success. Now she rarely forgets or struggles with the units she's learned. Thank you Spelling Success!!

Trish Nelson on

This Level 3 game is a must-have, in my opinion! If there's one thing I teach that my students seem to forget most often, it's the unit syllables! Playing this game periodically helps to keep this syllable type fresh in their minds. Remembering the specific unit syllables is important when students begin Level 4 instruction on dividing multisyllable words. Thanks, Janna!

Daryl Ragan on

Thank you for creating these great games! My students can't wait to play them and appreciate this fun way to "sneak in" extra practice. I have ordered and regularly use each of these high-quality game card sets and eagerly anticipate what you might create next.

Gretchen Stevens on

My students love the game!

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