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I-O-N FUN! Spelling Rules Game (Level 5, Lesson 7 or higher)


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Have fun teaching the units TION and SION spelling rules with this game!

This game contains 42 word playing cards, 2 red and 2 green race cars, 6 Spelling Rule cards (#1-6), 2 game mats that will be joined to make one large race track, directions, deck case, and comes in a nice game box.

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Connie Von Korff on

The new ION FUN game arrived this afternoon. I had two 7th graders one after the other who enjoyed playing it. They both said it was fun and "more interactive" than most games. I think they liked the part where I got sent back to the beginning.

Thanks, Janna, for keeping these games coming. It's motivating for my students to know that there will be another Spelling Success game to play when they finish certain lessons. I make big colored lines on their chart to show when they will be ready to play another Spelling Success game, and they often mention, excitedly, how close they are getting to the next game!

Mary Knipp on

Spelling Success strikes again! The new I-O-N Game is wonderful for reinforcement of Level 5's sion/tion rules. I played it with three students on Thursday. Way to go and thank you for your continued help in making tutoring fun for our students!

Linda Cross - Barton Tutor in Iowa on

I played your sion/tion game twice today. Great quick review!!!

Cindy Deagen, Certified Tutor in California on

Just want to send a note to say how successful this new game has been in my tutoring practice. The students really enjoy it (especially when sending my car back to start!).

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