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Level 8 Word Ending Game (Level 8, Lessons 1-4 or higher)


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The Level 8 Word Ending Game contains 56 cards and comes in a nice plastic case.  This game reviews the word ending sound(s) in lessons 1-4. 

Two different games of Go Fish can be played with this deck along with a Matching Game.  This deck also includes a Flashcard Revealer so you can use this deck as a flashcard set.

NOTE: All keywords in this game match Level 8, Lessons 1-4 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. This game assumes that all players have been taught the word ending sound(s) from Level 8, Lessons 1-4 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. 

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Vanessa McNamara on

After wading through my overwhelming amount of spelling rules in the first couple of lessons in level 8, both my daughter and I were ecstatic to see that Spelling Success had created a game to help learn all these rules. My daughter has loved the game and asks to play it at the beginning AND end of each session.
Thanks for a great product, Janna. Your games are worth every penny!

Connie Von Korff on

I've had lots of fun playing the new level 8 game with two of my students who are in that level. I hadn't realized, until we played the game, just how much of a review they needed on those endings! Thanks, Spelling Success, for the latest new game. I hope they keep coming!

Donna Kaplan on

The Level 8 Word Ending Game has been an extremely effective tool for reducing my students' level of frustration when trying to learn the many word endings introduced in Lessons 1-4. My students' are very competitive, and their desire to win turns remembering into an effortless exercise!

Dite Bray, Director of Ladder Learning Services in Atlanta, GA on

I just played the Level 8 Word Ending Game with my adult student. It cleared up a lot of stuff for both of us!

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