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Vowel Team Bingo & Solitaire Game (Level 4, Lessons 12-14 or higher)


Scroll down to watch the demo video.

This game contains 51 picture playing cards with a deck case, 4 bingo boards, bingo chips, 1 header card (yellow), directions, and comes in a nice game box. 

This game reviews the Vowel Teams taught in Level 4, Lessons 12-14 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

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Melissa Garretson on

Thank you for wonderful products that go along with the Barton system. It motivates my students to know that when they get done with a lesson, they get to play one of your games.

Lili Flanders on

I just received the Vowel Team Bingo game and used it with two of my students. They enjoyed it so much that they played three rounds, begging for a tie-breaker! By the end of the game, they were able to name all the vowel teams, give me their sounds, and provide examples of words in which the vowel teams were used in different positions–all while having fun. Thanks, Spelling Success, for providing us with another entertaining game that strengthens and consolidates reading and spelling skills.

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