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Homonym Game 1 (Basic)


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This game will help students see and learn the difference in meaning among homonyms. All of the playing cards have nicely colored pictures to explain the homonyms' word meanings. The cards also use the targeted homonyms in sentences. 

A Barton student who has finished Level 4 Lesson 1 and the Sight Words will be able to read the homonyms and their sentences on the playing cards except for a few cards with a red dot in the lower right hand corner. Read these cards to your student. Then evaluate which of the cards and their pairs you want to include in the game. 

This game is played as Go Fish, Matching, or can be used as a flashcard set. 

This game comes in a clear plastic storage case.  

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Donna Williams with Stellar Reading Center in GA on

I have watched your games turn reluctant students into engaged students, non-fluent students to greater fluency, and confused students into experts. Thank you Spelling Success for coming alongside of us in changing kids’ lives by creating these games!

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