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Contraction Bingo Game and Flashcards (Level 3 or higher)


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This game contains 41 picture playing cards with a deck case, 4 bingo boards, bingo chips, directions, 1 key card, and comes in a nice game box.  On the picture playing cards and bingo boards, the contractions are printed on the green side, and the two original words are printed on the blue side. 

This game reviews the contractions taught in Level 3, Lesson 10 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. 

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Barbara Field, Barton Tutor and Resource Specialist at a Christian school on

I love all of the Spelling Success games! The contraction game has been a great review for my kiddos, especially when they are learning contractions in their regular ed classroom. I will pull out 3 or 4 each session to review. These games are wonderful to have, especially if I need a substitute for a day or two. My students love the break in routine to play "games" .

Jolene Klabunde, Certified Barton Tutor on

I am so excited to have this contractions game! My students LOVE playing the Spelling Success games, and I love motivating them at the end of a lesson by having fun and reviewing at the same time!

Cheryl Stephenson on

This game is a life saver! It is so great to have the contraction game to reinforce the learning in a fun way! We love to use all of the Spelling Success games as they are a quick and engaging way to learn and help it all "stick". Thank you for these resources!!

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